KUKT - Kautschuk & Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH - Gummiformteile Hersteller

Kukt bringt Gummi in Form und erstellt Gummiformteile, Stanzteile, Konfektinierte Ware, Gummi-Metall- und Gummi-Kunststoffverbindungen, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Gewebeverstärkte Membrane


  • Molded parts – Rubber and plastic parts tailored to individual client needs are our business. K.U.K.T. excels with its thorough know-how in the production of membranes and fabric reinforced membranes, thus counting amongst the leading manufacturers of these goods in Europe. Moreover, we supply directly bonded or two component rubber/plastic parts as well as individual rubber/metal solutions, e.g. for damping, absorbing or cushioning purposes.
  • Profiles – Soft rubber, soft rubber or sponge rubber profiles, thread or fabric reinforced profiles and, in the plastic segment, mono- an coextrudates – K.U.K.T. can be trusted to provide tailor-made solutions. The profiles are finished with mold joining or impact vulcanization, flock or anti-friction coating and self-adhesive surfaces for permanent systems or as fixing aids.
  • Seals and individual solutions – punched, water jet cut, milled and plotted or manufactured as tube rings.
  • Systems and modules – We provide ready-to-install systems, e.g. inflatable seals, modules or special kits for resale.

Discover our product range on the following pages:

Molded rubber parts »

Stamped parts »

Assembly of molded rubber parts into frames, rings and inflatable seals »

Colored molded rubber parts »

Rubber/metal and rubber/plastic compositesn »

Metal and plastics processing in small series of up to 1,000 pieces »

Fabric reinforced membranes »

Rubber & plastic profiles »

Large volume molded rubber parts and rubber/metal composites »

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