KUKT - Kautschuk & Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH - Gummiformteile Hersteller

Kukt bringt Gummi in Form und erstellt Gummiformteile, Stanzteile, Konfektinierte Ware, Gummi-Metall- und Gummi-Kunststoffverbindungen, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Gewebeverstärkte Membrane


A constant strife for quality determines our daily business activities and will always remain the basis for secure work placements and the continuity of our company. We believe that in offering quality products today, we shall win satisfied customers for the future.
Therefore, we consider the systematic quality planning – including feasibility evaluation, compound formula development, FMEA compilation and FME calculation – as a solid cornerstone and vital instrument of our company’s success.
Diligent examination and selection of our suppliers and thorough compliance with the FIFO principle – from stock receipt via production and finishing to the dispatch of goods – safeguard a consistently high product stability at low costs.
The sampling is carried out according to customary initial sampling processes.

CIP – Continuous Improvement Process
Our strife for quality fires our continuous effort to improve. Our aim is to reach 0 mistake operation through a CIP strategy and the optimization of our supply chain. For the benefit of a co-operative partnership with our clients, we endeavor to further improve our supply and delivery efficiency.

Material testing and dimensional testing
By co-operating with the vocational schools in Gelnhausen, we back our quality principles through a broad spectrum of testing schemes for development and production processes:

Material testing
Tearing, pressure and bending tests
Shore hardness tests
Abrasion tests
Ageing tests
Mooney viscometers

Dimensional testing
Via profile projector
Via 3D coordinates measuring machine

Our current DIN ISO 9002 certificate can be viewed and downloaded here.

Our current DIN ISO 50001 certificate can be viewed and downloaded here.



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