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Kukt bringt Gummi in Form und erstellt Gummiformteile, Stanzteile, Konfektinierte Ware, Gummi-Metall- und Gummi-Kunststoffverbindungen, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Metall- & Kunststoffbearbeitung Kleinserie, Gewebeverstärkte Membrane

Assembly of Molded Rubber Parts into Frames, Rings and Inflatable Seals

We assemble molded rubber parts according to your specifications and requirements into products designed to serve as frames, rings and inflatable seals.

  • Glued, film vulcanized or as molded forming tools
  • With vulcanized or screwed valves
  • In all customary elastomer qualities or compound formulae specifically developed for individual client applications
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